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Bleeding Hemorrhoid Treatment: What Makes Hemorrhoids Bleed?

Anyone who has rectal bleeding has good cause for concern and should seek a bleeding hemorrhoid treatment immediately. If the bleeding from the rectal area is caused by hemorrhoids, the good news is that it is not a life threatening condition. While that may be the case, they are still incredibly painful and they can really get in the way of every day life.

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If you are suffering with bleeding from the anus, you should first and foremost go to your doctor. It’s important to know exactly what the cause is and bleeding hemorrhoids are only one of many potential causes. If your situation is not an external hemorrhoid, the only way to know for sure what the cause of the bleeding is would be to go to the doctor’s office.

Other causes of rectal bleeding might include cancer of the rectum, diverticulosis or polyps of the colon. Each of those conditions is serious and should be dealt with immediately. The longer these conditions go without treatment, the more serious and life threatening they will be.

Back to the question of what makes hemorrhoids bleed: the issue of bleeding hemorrhoids (also known as piles) is one of inflamed veins. These veins, when they become inflamed, are stretched out and weakened. Since many people strain to pass the bowels, this causes even more pressure on the weakened veins than is normally dealt with. It is not uncommon for the vein walls to rip or tear in their weakened state. Also, external hemorrhoids sometimes are cut by the stool as it passes. These are two main reasons for bleeding hemorrhoids which would necessitate the search for a bleeding hemorrhoid treatment.

When you are looking for a bleeding hemorrhoid treatment, be sure to find one that includes ingredients specifically designed to strengthen veins and reduce inflammation. Those types of treatments will help to treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. Best of luck!

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