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There have been several debates regarding whether oral or topical hemorrhoid medicine is best. Both have their charms and both have their faults. When it comes to choosing your hemorrhoid medicine, the most important fact that many forget is the long term success your choice will leave you with.

What I mean by that is that many people opt to go for the immediate relief they can feel when they use a topical hemorrhoid medicine. Topical treatments have, as mentioned before, their pros and cons. Clearly, it will be the fastest way to get relief. Applying something directly to your problem area has the best chances of soothing. However, keep in mind how permanent this topical hemorrhoid medicine will be.

Topical applications are wiped off just as easily as they are wiped on. Much like the saying, easy come, easy go, you will notice that there are very few to no long term benefits of a topical hemorrhoid medicine. True, it is important to obtain relief. However, if your hemorrhoid medicine will not provide long term relief, it is not going to give you what you ultimately need.

Oral hemorrhoid medicine options also have their positives and negatives. On a negative note, they do not provide instant relief. It is only fair to be honest with yourself and taking a pill, no matter what it claims, will not give you instant comfort. Do not be scared off by this realization. Oral hemorrhoid medicine alternatives have their place.

If you have to wait several hours for your oral hemorrhoid medicine to provide relief, it is a small price to pay considering you may never have to deal with that pain again. If you can actually cure your problems with an oral hemorrhoid medicine that gets to the root of your problem and kills it, what could be better?

Most people want to have their cake and eat it too, and when it comes to your treatment, you can. You can use a topical solution in conjunction with an oral hemorrhoid medicine. Doing this will guarantee both instant and long term relief from your problems.

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