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anal bleeding

Hemorrhoid Bleeding Video


Many assume that any sort of bleeding from the anal region indicates hemorrhoids. This is absolutely untrue. Yes, the site of blood on your toilet paper or stool does indicate that something is very wrong. It also can be an indication of hemorrhoids. However, it could be a sign of many other dangerous problems such as cancer or fissures.

It is best to know for sure what the source of your bloody problems are. Below is a short, informational video to help you learn more about hemorrhoid bleeding. Best of luck!

Bleeding Hemorrhoids


Greetings all!! You’ve probably¬† noticed if you’ve been following my blog that I am switching to an audio/visual approach lately, rather than the same old boring, black and white typing. Some seem to really appreciate the switch, while others seem to prefer to read the blogs.

Either way it is my goal to continue to do both. I’ve created a short video discussing bleeding hemorrhoids. I go over their causes and my recommended cure. So give it a look and let me know what you think!