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What Are Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids?

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids are incredibly similar to regular hemorrhoids. The only difference is that they actually contain clotted blood. They are located on the outside of the anus which is why they are referred to as external. Typically, when someone reaches the point of thrombosis, it means it’s a severe case and it will take longer to heal than regular hemorrhoids because blood clots take longer to heal.

So, essentially these types of piles are inflamed, irritated veins that can be found in or around the anal opening. They are excruciatingly painful and should be treated as soon as they appear.

They have several causes. It is possible that medical science has not yet determined all of the causes; however, some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids that have been linked to this situation would include constipation, poor blood circulation, and inability to cleanse waste, weakened veins, lack of nutrition, poor posture, eating spicy foods and pregnancy. That is indeed a long list of factors and most of those things can be fixed if the person who suffers with an ailment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids makes the choice to fix these issues.

The video below discusses some things to do in order to take care of your unfortunate thrombosed external hemorrhoids situation.

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