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What’s Your Hemorrhoid Remedy and Why?

The ‘Why’ is very important because so many people don’t think about the ‘why’ with their hemorrhoid remedy. Instead, they just think, ‘Because my doctor said so’ or ‘this says it cures hemorrhoids’. This is not a good way to go about it. A little thinking should be invested in your remedy for hemorrhoids. After all, a little thinking can go a long way.

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So really, what are you using for treating hemorrhoids?  Is it an ointment or a cream of some sort? Is it a pill that you take internally? Are you just ignoring them and hoping they’ll go away? Let me tell you right now, you’ll need something a little stronger than just an ointment or a cream to put on them.

These are all well and good for killing pain (and hey, when it comes to a hemorrhoid remedy, you’ve GOT to take care of the pain) but you’ve also got to take care of the root problems or it will never go away. So, if you’re currently using an ointment or a cream, be sure to supplement it with some pills that can really get to the root of the problem.

As for getting to the root of the problem, well, where shall we begin? Your problem most likely began with weakened veins. Veins get weakened when stretched out due to pregnancy. They also get weakened when the diet is poor in nutrution. Straining to make bowel movements because one is constipated is another culprit and should be considered in with the hemorrhoid remedy you choose. Also, your blood cleanliness and circulation play a huge role in the health and elasticity of your veins.

So now that you realize what the root problem is, look at the hemorrhoid remedy ingredients that you are going to take and find out what they can do for each of these potential causes. Also, cut down on your spicy and fried foods, too. You’ll notice remarkable improvement with a hemorrhoid remedy like this and trust me, it will be worth it.

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