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What Are Your Options for Healing Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoids relief

If you want to know your options for healing hemorrhoids, congratualtions. You are among the smarter of the hemorrhoid sufferers out there. After all, everyone should research their options before deciding upon a course of action. As the millions of of people out there who have been suffering with this same condition for years and years will probably tell you, not every solution actually works. So it’s great that you want to look at your options because that’s the first step to eliminating the bogus hemorrhoid treatments out there that won’t do anything for you.


Some of the most commonly used substances for healing hemorrhoids are creams. Preparation H, Tronolane Anesthetic or even natural oils used to treat the area topically. At first, these make the most sense to people because they can actually feel the relief when applying these applications. What people don’t seem to realize, though, is that creams just treat the symptoms, not the root problems. Sure, you can put a cream on your ailment and numb the pain. But will that really be an actual way to heal your issue or will it just disguise it for a while? Don’t get me wrong, temporary relief is nice – it’s just that it’s, well, temporary.

Yoga Poses

Yoga is becoming increasingly more popular and widespread throughout America today. It has been lauded for it’s ability to be healing hemorrhoids. This is definitely something that is a possiblility for anyone who is interested in trying. A few poses that are admonished for their hemorrhoid healing abilities would be the candle and fish poses. These are hemorrhodi treatments that involve stretching and oxygenating the area in an effort to get it to heal itself without outside influences.

Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

Herbs are the last option for healing hemorrhoids. People usually think it’s strange to take something orally in order to resolve an issue that can be seen and touched. What you must remember, though, is that everything that is wrong with the body begins on the inside. Lack of nutrition, constipation, weakened veins, poor blood circulation, inability to cleanse, blood clots, etc. Each and everyone of these causes of hemorrhoids must be treated internally. That’s why a natural remedy for healing hemorrhoids indeed should make the most sense to anyone who actually wants to get rid of their problem entirely instead of simply hiding the symptoms.

How to Recognize Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Before you can embark upon fixing anything, you’ve got to realize you’ve got it. That’s right, how can you fix something when you don’t even know it’s broken? Recognizing is the first step as I, (and all therapists) always like to say. So that’s why I’ve put up this blog post – to help everyone to recognize their internal hemorrhoids symptoms.

hemorrhoids relief

So how will you know if you’ve got a case of the roids?

You’ll notice a few different things. Typically, there will be itching and irritation around the anus. While these conditions will be aggravated by sitting, walking or running, they can even be upsetting while standing still. Inflammation is another key indicator of a hemorrhoid problem. Inflammation of the veins around the anus is one of many sure tell-tale internal hemorrhoids symptoms.

The severe internal hemorrhoids symptoms would include blood clots and bleeding. The blood will be able to be seen in the stool, underwear, toilet bowl or toilet paper. We realize this is very graphic and unfortunate to have to discuss; however, it is what it is. These issues are real and more common than you think. That’s why they should also be talked about openly in the effort of finding a good hemorrhoid treatment.

A few other internal hemorrhoids symptoms would include pain during or after bowel movements and difficulty with sitting on harsh surfaces. On a side note – those who do experience pain with their  bowel movements would do well to take some laxatives as constipation is one of the many causes and aggravations of your condition.

When it comes to the type of hemorrhoids you (or ‘a guy you know’, right?) are dealing with, the symptoms will be relatively similar whether or not you’ve got internal hemorrhoids symptoms or are dealing with a thrombosed external hemorrhoid of sorts. Just be sure to note these symptoms so you’ll be better prepared to take care of them when they arise.

So What Exactly Is a Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid?

The term hemorrhoid gets thrown around quite a bit. Thanks to where it is located, it is a rather embarrassing topic for many to discuss. Unfortunately, though, it needs to be discussed as there are many common misconceptions.

For instance, a thrombosed external hemorrhoid is no regular type of pile. Instead, it is an unfortunate situation in which there is clotted blood. Indeed, such a situation is much more severe than regular piles as blood clots take longer to heal.

Get Hemorrhoids Relief

So basically what you’re looking at is an inflamed and irritated vein that is found on the outside (thus the reason for the name external) of the anal opening. The causes for such a situation would include constipation, inability to cleanse waste, lack of nutrition, hemorrhoids during pregnancy, poor blood constipation, weakened veins and poor posture.

Undoubtedly, you came to this situation as a result of the current condition of your blood. A thrombosed external hemorrhoid is the direct result of blood that has not been cleansed properly through the body. The resulting effect would be blood clots which add insane pressure to your vein walls. You’re therefore left with a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. So there it is. That is exactly what a thrombosed external hemorrhoid is.

The next question is how to get rid of it. Well, it’s important to remember that the condition of the blood is what got you here in the first place. So start there.

Hemorrhoid Blood Clot

Work on cleansing the blood, strengthening the veins and improving circulation. All of these tasks will help to reduce the thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

How to Deal with Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

First of all, if you are dealing with hemorrhoids during pregnancy, relax. It does not mean your are gross. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is much more common than you might think. The reason for this is that  pregnancy is actually a common cause of hemorrhoids, if you can imagine. It’s not fair, I know. As if carrying a baby isn’t enough. You have to deal with hemorrhoids too. There, there now. We’ll help you figure out how to deal with them during this beautiful time of giving life.

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First, you may want to understand why hemorrhoids during pregnancy is common. The weight of the baby on the anal veins ends up inflaming them. Those who have already given birth will most likely have noticed that the process of birthing has stretched the veins and weakened them. That’s another reason it’s so common.

Truly, the statistics for women in need of treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy are staggering. So remember that you are not alone! You are not disgusting! You are normal. It is normal to have this issue. In fact, Hemroid Harry’s Herbal Remedy was born because of the need of so many pregnant women who were looking for hemorrhoids during pregnancy treatment. So you can rest assured that you are not out of the ordinary and you are certainly not alone in your condition. Also, be assured that there is something you can do about your condition and you should have hope. Watch this short video to learn more about your condition and give yourself hope for a solution:

So how can you deal with this issue? It’s best to get a natural solution. After all, your body has enough to deal with without adding the extra stresses of fighting off foreign, chemical substances. A natural remedy is going to be easier on the baby and your body overall. So as you’re looking for natural remedies to take for your hemorrhoids during pregnancy, look for ones that make claims to do the following:

  • Improve your circulation problems
  • Cleanse your blood
  • Cleanse your bowels
  • Soothe inflammation

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Each of these factors are both causes and effects of hemorrhoids during pregnancy; therefore, if you find a natural remedy that deals with them, you will most likely end up hemorrhoid free in no time. Some suggested ingredients to look for would be witch hazel for hemorrhoids, cayenne, butchers broom, white oak bark, stone root and ginger.  Why? Mainly because each individual ingredient brings something to the table that can help with getting rid of the root problem!

Each individual ingredient can help with a certain aspect of piles that is in need of some major help. Everything from increasing the blood circulation to reversing constipation, strengthening veins and reducing inflammation is covered in each of these ingredients. Indeed, there is no excuse to not try for a natural remedy that can help you with the proven ingredients that Hemroid Harry’s Herbal Remedy utilizes.

Witch Hazel and Hemorrhoids: What’s the Connection?

A few short years ago, the majority of people had never heard of witch hazel, let alone witch hazel and hemorrhoids. These days, the natural anti inflammatory herb is one that many people have both heard of and used for various ailments.

Some of the more common uses for witch hazel have been to control spots and blemishes, soothe and heal diaper rashes, provide varicose vein relief and shrink bags under they eyes – among other things.

hemorrhoids relief

Thanks to its great success with treating varicose vein relief and soothing itchy skin, it’s also fantastic for use on hemorrhoids. Witch hazel and hemorrhoids actually have been proven over time to be the perfect combination – that is, if hemorrhoids could belong to any type of a perfect combination.

Witch hazel and hemorrhoids are polar opposites and in most cases, good (witch hazel) usually triumphs over evil (hemorrhoids) when they face one another.Indeed, it has a great track record these days as far as positive uses for hemorrhoid treatments.

So what exactly is it about witch hazel and hemorrhoids that makes it work so well when used as part of a cure for hemorrhoids?  The answer to that question could be found in the healing properties that make up witch hazel. For instance, this natural herb has been known for and used as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, haemostatic, sedative, styptic and tonic.

Indeed, there are several healing properties that this herb has to offer and those who make sure it is part of their hemorrhoid treatment are those who will indeed find relief for their hemorrhoids.