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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Do You Have a Prolapsed Hemorrhoid?

No one ever wants to have to ask themselves the question of whether or not they have a prolapsed hemorrhoid. After all, it’s bad enough considering the fact that you may be dealing with piles at all. The fact that those piles might be prolapsed is enough to make anyone want to throw up.  While it is an unfortunate situation to have to deal with, the fact still remains that it must be dealt with indeed. So how do you know if you have a hemorrhoid that is prolapsed? You could take a look at some hemorrhoid pictures as a start.

hemorrhoids relief

You could also just ignore the situation altogether – or at least try to ignore it. Prolapsed hemorrhoids are painful. You’ll want to get hemorrhoid pain relief as soon as possible and the best way to do that is to figure out exactly what you’re dealing with so you can figure out an exact solution.

Once you have determined that you are dealing with a prolapsed hemorrhoid, it’s best to seek a solution immediately. You’ll want to find a solution that will help you to reduce the pain and inflammation while strengthening the veins and minimizing the chances of blood clots. You’ll also want to increase your blood circulation as that is a known cause of a prolapsed hemorrhoid condition as well. Be sure that your treatment is a combination of all of these solutions and make sure it is natural so you will not have to deal with unfortunate side effects. If you can locate a solution like that for your hemorrhoid prolapsed, you’ll indeed have found the best solution ever.

Hemorrhoid Pain Relief: Why Is It So Hard To Find?

Perhaps hemorrhoid pain relief is so hard to find because people tend to look for it in the wrong places. Isn’t that usually the case when anything is hard to find? So where are people looking that makes it so wrong? Let’s start with you. Where are you looking?

Are you looking in your doctor’s office? Are you looking at the pharmacy? Western medicine definitely has its place; however, it does not do so well to truly heal hemorrhoids. Instead, it covers up the symptoms and allows the problem to grow worse until there’s nothing else you and your doctor can do except to surgically remove the pile itself. . . that sounds like the wrong way to get hemorrhoid pain relief to me. So where should you be looking instead, then?

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How about in nature? Have you ever considered looking up natural ways to get rid of pain? After all, you need hemorrhoid pain relief because you have a natural problem with your body. Isn’t it only natural to look for a solution, that’s – well – natural? We think so.

Some natural herbs that have been known to provide hemorrhoid pain relief would include witch hazel for hemorrhoids which is a natural aspirin of sorts. That will definitely help the pain to reduce until your problem can be healed from the root cause. Other anti-inflammatory agents that are natural would include White Oak Bark and Ginger for hemorrhoids. These are where your hemorrhoid pain relief can really be found so start looking for remedies that include these natural ingredients in order to get your quality of life back.

What’s Your Hemorrhoid Remedy and Why?

The ‘Why’ is very important because so many people don’t think about the ‘why’ with their hemorrhoid remedy. Instead, they just think, ‘Because my doctor said so’ or ‘this says it cures hemorrhoids’. This is not a good way to go about it. A little thinking should be invested in your remedy for hemorrhoids. After all, a little thinking can go a long way.

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So really, what are you using for treating hemorrhoids?  Is it an ointment or a cream of some sort? Is it a pill that you take internally? Are you just ignoring them and hoping they’ll go away? Let me tell you right now, you’ll need something a little stronger than just an ointment or a cream to put on them.

These are all well and good for killing pain (and hey, when it comes to a hemorrhoid remedy, you’ve GOT to take care of the pain) but you’ve also got to take care of the root problems or it will never go away. So, if you’re currently using an ointment or a cream, be sure to supplement it with some pills that can really get to the root of the problem.

As for getting to the root of the problem, well, where shall we begin? Your problem most likely began with weakened veins. Veins get weakened when stretched out due to pregnancy. They also get weakened when the diet is poor in nutrution. Straining to make bowel movements because one is constipated is another culprit and should be considered in with the hemorrhoid remedy you choose. Also, your blood cleanliness and circulation play a huge role in the health and elasticity of your veins.

So now that you realize what the root problem is, look at the hemorrhoid remedy ingredients that you are going to take and find out what they can do for each of these potential causes. Also, cut down on your spicy and fried foods, too. You’ll notice remarkable improvement with a hemorrhoid remedy like this and trust me, it will be worth it.

Dos and Don’ts for Treating Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoids reliefThere are several things you should do and several things you should not do when treating hemorrhoids. The fact of the matter is that too many people are doing a little of both and that does not help to improve their situation. That’s why we’ve gathered together a short list of dos and don’ts for you.


Do something about it. Your hemorrhoids are not going to just go away, contrary to how you might like to think they will. While they do flare up and flare down often, that does not mean the problem will go away for good until you do something about it by treating hemorrhoids.

Do it naturally. Why give your body more work by processing man-made chemically produced substances? These substances are typically used to cover up symptoms and exasperate the problem even worse behind the scenes.

Do your homework. Don’t just pick a product because someone says it works. Someone will say anything works whether it does or doesn’t. So that should never be the basis for your choice. Instead, research what it is that causes your problem and start treating hemorrhoids accordingly.


Don’t use a doughnut pillow. Yes, they are marketed to relieve pain from hemorrhoids. No, they don’t work. They actually put more pressure on your anal veins thanks to the position they have you sit which means you should just stay away from them during the time of treating hemorrhoids.

Don’t strain. I know, this is a bit embarrassing to talk about or maybe even to think about but straining for a bowel movement will only exacerbate the problem. Eat more fiber. Take some bowel cleansing supplements. Do what you have to do to avoid straining as that only puts more pressure on the veins.

Don’t rule anything out until you know it doesn’t work. It’s easy to assume things won’t work because they’re ‘hoky’ or ‘strange’. When it comes to your external hemorrhoids treatment, do you really care how you get rid of them as long as they’re gone? Some people who rule things out for no good reason end up dealing with chronic hemorrhoids for the rest of their lives… don’t mix in with that fold or you’ll be in pain for the rest of your days.

External Hemorrhoids Treatment Myths and Facts

There are a few different myths and facts when it comes to external hemorrhoids treatment options. It’s a good idea to take a look at these myths and facts to ensure that what you are doing is really going to serve a purpose. Due to so many myths floating around about internal hemorrhoids treatment options and external hemorrhoids treatment options that it’s about time to sit down and straighten them all out.

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Fact: Hemorrhoids will not just go away. You can’t just ignore them and expect them to disappear. Many people believe this is the case because hemorrhoids – also known as piles – have the tendancy to flare up and down depending on various factors. This means that you could go for days in pain and then days where you feel nothing at all. This doesn’t mean that your problem  has disappeared. This simply means that you are experienceing flare ups and downs and that you still have an issue with piles which therefore necessitates an external hemorrhoids treatment.

Myth: Every issue with piles needs to be treated topically. It is naive thinking that makes anyone feel like in order to treat a problem, it has to be attacked from the outside. This concept could not be further from the truth, actually. Any external issues such as hemorrhoids, acne, rashes and anything else originates from an imbalance inside the body. It therefore should be treated internally as well as topically. If you kill the problem at the core, you can be sure you won’t need your external hemorrhoids treatment for long.

Fact: You need more than a pain killer. A pain killer is a temporary solution to a long-term problem. That’s why you should be looking at the ingredients in a hemorrhoid remedy before you purchase it. It should contain much more than simple pain killers. It should have ingredients that help with the fundamental problems that cause your issue of piles in the first place. Ingredients that help to improve blood circulation, cleanse the blood, resolve clotting issues, strengthen veins and clean out waste are all necessary in the fight against piles. Your external hemorrhoids treatment should indeed have a variety of all those types of ingredients if it is going to work.