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Over the Counter Hemorrhoid Treatment

It’s only natural to want to try an over the counter hemorrhoid treatment before trying anything else. After all, if you want something other than over the counter, you’ll have to see a doctor or a specialist. Most people are embarrassed of their hemorrhoids (although they should be) which is why they often opt for a treatment they can purchase themselves (discreetly) before taking more drastic measures. The only problem with that is that there are so many choices to choose from. Your over the counter hemorrhoid treatment could be anything from creams to pills so it may be difficult to know what to go with.

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If you opt for an ointment or cream that will be applied topically, there are two things you should realize:

First, the cream or ointment will leave a mess. After all, consider where you will be applying it and it is a rather obvious statement.

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Second, the cream or ointment will be topical which means that it may help to provide relief and even reduce the inflammatoin; however, there’s no way a topical cream or ointment can attack the internal causes that lead you to need a hemorrhoid treatment in the first place. So this means that the topical solutoin will only be a short term answer to a long term problem.

It’s important to recognize, therefore, that you’ve got to kill the root of the problem in order for the problem to go away for good. This hopefully helps you to realize that your over the counter prolapsed hemorrhoid treatment will need to be taken internally in order to ensure that it will kill your root problem. It’s always best to opt for a solution that’s all natural when you are purchasing it over the counter. That way you can avoid most side effects that usually go along with chemically created substances. Indeed, when selecting an over the counter hemorrhoid treatment, you should do you best to get one that is both natural and will kill the internal root problem. Best of luck!