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Monthly Archives: February 2011

A NON-Recommended Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

So many people these days are so ready to give suggestions for how to treat anything. You need a treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids? Your neighbor, friend, cousin and mom are all ready to go with advice for what to do. This can be helpful at times and it can also be discouraging. Hearing a variety of things that should work makes it difficult to narrow down the options you’ve been presented with. So what should you do? Sometimes, in your situation, it’s nice to hear of a few NON-recommended treatment options for bleeding hemorrhoids. That way, you will know what to stay away from amidst the many pieces of advice you are given.

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One item to consider if you would like to know of some NON-recommended treatment options for bleeding hemorrhoids, would be short-term fixes. For instance, any sort of topical cream or ointment should be shied away from as your sole source of treatment. Of course, topical creams and ointments have their place. They’ve been known to reduce inflammation and relieve painful symptoms. They cannot be relied upon, though, to simply be used as adequate treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids all by themselves, though. They should only be used in addition to something a little more potent.

Another NON-recommended treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids is that of using a doughnut pillow at any time to sit on. Many people think that hemorrhoids are aided with the use of a doughnut pillow. These are circular pillows with holes in the middle of them. People think it’s good to use these in addition to their treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids because that way their piles are not touching anything while sitting down. The truth is that this position creates more strain and should therefore be avoided as a treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids also as they would be far from the best hemorrhoid treatment option you could find.