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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Hemorrhoid Treatments to Stay Away From!

As one searches for hemorrhoids treatments, they are likely shocked to realize there are actually types of treatments for hemorrhoids that should be avoided. That sounds silly, actually. Why types of treatments for piles should be avoided and why? Well that’s what we’re about to tell you. But first, you need to keep your mind open. Ok, here we go…

Hemorrhoids Treatment

The first of the hemorrhoid treatments to stay away from would include getting piles surgery. This is usually a last resort but it doesn’t do any good, anyway. Most doctors would even admit that the piles are sure to come back in the next weeks or months to follow. Most patients would describe the pain after surgery as excruciating – far worse than before hand. And since it’s not a permanent solution to your problem in the first place, it just doesn’t make sense to go with this type of treatment for hemorrhoids.

This next one is not as much a treatment but rather smoething people tend to do with hemorrhoids. And that is to use a doughnut pillow to sit on. Sure, it seems logical. Just make a comfy spot for everything to sit on except the pile itself. The fact of the matter is, though, that this just creates more strain and pressure on the hemorrhoids themselves. So instead of soothing your condition, it aggravates it. So stay away from those types of cushions because they do not help they hinder!

Really, if your solution is not a natural hemorrhoid treatment, then you should stay away from it. Options that are not natural are usually just creating more problems and side effects than you would care for. That is how you know what to stay away from – if it is not natural, it should not be used.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment: What Makes it Natural?

Western medicine has done such a number on the citizens of the United States. It has convinced them it’s the best thing since sliced bread. While it does have many positive attributes, it is not the only option. It is also far from natural. As you are on the search for a natural hemorrhoid treatment, it may be difficult for you to figure out what makes your treatment natural. The first rule of thumb as you are trying to figure that out is to stay away from Western medicines such as drugs and antibiotics. Those substances are anything but natural and they also have a long history of dangerous side effects.

So what does make a hemorrhoid treatment natural? You’ll want to look at all of the substances contained within it. Does it have chemical, man-made products such as synthetic hormones or chemicals of any type? These are often slipped into remedies and can only be found in the fine print on the back of the label. If these substances are contained, that means your remedy is not a natural one. The best way to get hemorrhoids relief, without question, is by getting it naturally.

What types of ingredients are natural, then? Herbs are a great natural substance that could be used to treat nearly any illness or condition. Herbs can be grown in gardens and there are hundreds or even thousands of different varieties. Herbs such as cayenne, ginger, witch hazel, butcher’s broom, stone root and white oak bark are a few particular herbs that have been linked with helping to heal hemorrhoids. A natural hemorrhoid treatment that contains these natural cleansers, natural soothers, vein builders and blood builders could definitely be the natural treatment for hemorrhoids that you are in need of.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment


Do Not Mistake Your Hemorrhoids Relief

After suffering with hemorrhoids for a while, some people tend to get excited when they feel relief. Don’t get me wrong – it’s good to feel relief. What’s not good, though, is to mistake your relief for an actual solution to your problem. Hemorrhoids are known for flaring up and down. That’s what they do. That means that anyone could experience relief at any point in time regardless of what they are doing to treat the problem. That means you should be aware and not mistake your hemorrhoids relief for something it is not.

So do you know how to treat hemorrhoids? It certainly should not be done by ignoring them. It also certainly should not be done by getting surgery. Surgery Рas most doctors will tell you Рis not a solution  but a mere short-term option. The hemorrhoids will inevitably grow back. The pain after the surgery can hardly be classified as hemorrhoids relief since often it hurts worse than before hand. So what should you do instead?

Hemorrhoids Relief

Instead, you should think about taking a more active role in your situation. Conduct a little research. Learn more about your problem. Knowledge is indeed power and this is especially so in the situation of your problem. Whenever it comes to issues pertaining to health and wellness, knowledge is the best way to go about attacking these problems. If you know what caused your hemorrhoids, you should know what to do in order to obtain hemorrhoids relief.

For example, something that causes hemorrhoids is constipation. So what should you do in order to get relief from your hemorrhoids? You should eat more fiber and search for cleansing substances like ginger and cayenne that can reverse the signs of constipation. This will undoubtedly provide hemorrhoids relief.


Learn How to Treat Hemorrhoids for Yourself

It probably sounds like a crazy idea to learn how to treat hemorrhoids for yourself. Isn’t that something that only doctors are supposed to do? Well, that’s what they like to tell us. They like to make us think we are not in control of our bodies and how we feel. The truth of the matter is, though, that we can be in control if we want to be. This doesn’t mean we all have to become doctors, necessarily. But we should all be doing what we can to learn how to treat hemorrhoids for ourselves.

So what does it entail? How can you find hemorrhoid relief for yourself, by yourself? It’s called research. And school is in session. You’ve got to research your symptoms. You’ve got to research your problem. That is the only way to learn for yourself how to properly deal with your ailment. Truth be told, that is more than your doctor would likely do. It may take a little time and be a little uncomfortable to discuss with others; however, you can truly take charge and make a difference for yourself if you try.

So first, as you are learning how to treat hemorrhoids for yourself, be open. If you are not open, you cannot learn. Second, believe. The mind has incredible power. The placebo effect is only a proven method because people have the faith and they believe. If you truly hope and believe that you can be healed of your piles, you will be. Third, take action. All the knowledge in the world cannot make up for taking action. So do it. Learn how to treat hemorrhoids for yourself and then get the job done! Good luck.

What Does Hemorrhoid Relief Feel Like?

Some people have been struggling with hemorrhoid pain for so long that they don’t even know or can’t even imagine what it would be like to feel hemorrhoid relief. That is a sad story, but a true one. This leaves so many people wondering what it would be like to not have to deal with hemorrhoid pain any more. The fact of the matter is, though, that it can be taken care of. Anyone who wants to can learn what it is like to feel relief from hemorrhoids. But how?

First, you have to be open to it. You have to have hope and a little faith that it can be achievable. Countless studies show the powerful effects that the mind can have upon the body. This means that if the mind will not allow for hemorrhoid relief, it’s likely that one won’t achieve it. So once you are open to the idea of being able to achieve that goal, the rest can actually have a chance of following. A big part of what being open to that idea will do to you is it will open you eyes to other options you wouldn’t have considered before.

You HAVE to get outside the box. You have to dare to try new things. It’s literally crazy to do the same things and expect different results. So you have to try various things and you will indeed get varied results. The best idea is to look for a hemorrhoid treatment guarantee as you are trying out different things. Don’t rule out natural remedies or homeopathic options. These options have been proven for hundreds of thousands of years. Hemorrhoid relief is possible. You just have to be willing accept it, regardless of what form it comes in.