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There are a few tips and tricks for soothing your inflammation before or during your hemorrhoidal treatment. Not every soothing hemorrhoidal treatment aid has to be in the form of a cream or a pill. You can do small, simple things to help you with the pain until your long term hemorrhoidal treatment kicks your problem out.

One option that has been highly recommended by fellow sufferers such as yourself is to take warm soaks three or four times a day. This is also known as a sitz bath. It is basically warm water that you sit in. A sitz bath has been recommended for relieving pain in conjunction with a hemorrhoidal treatment for years.

Another idea for use in conjunction with your actual hemorrhoidal treatment is to use ice packs to relieve the swelling. This is a more extreme measure considering how uncomfortable and awkward it can be. Clearly you would need some time to yourself and it could not last too long. Generally, this hemorrhoidal treatment aid is recommended for extreme cases of pain only.

There are several topical hemorrhoidal treatment aids that can really relieve some pain and discomfort. Topical ointments that contain witch hazel are especially useful. Witch hazel is said to improve every inflamed condition, no matter what. Any hemorrhoidal treatment or topical cream with witch hazel is always a good idea.

Another idea for your topical relief would include aloe vera gel. You would, of course, want this aloe to be the most pure form possible. Because you are applying this to the outside of your problem, it needs to be as potent as possible. And a pure form of aloe will be the most potent and effective way to find relief from your hemorrhoid symptoms.

Lastly, do yourself a favor and get some exercise. Many exercise and still get these problems; however, many do not. It is imperative that your body get its much needed exercise to increase circulation. Your hemorrhoidal treatment will only be as effective as you make it. And when you help it with these small, simple suggestions, you will find yourself that much closer to recovery.

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