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What Ingredients Should Go in an Herbal Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Many people are unfamiliar with herbs. Many people are a little scared to use herbs. This usually just comes from a lack of knowledge on the subject. Everyone fears the unknown. Everyone is worried about trying something new. Without trying something new, though, how will we ever grow? So as you’re looking for an herbal hemorrhoid treatment, remember that there are several ingredients that would be good to use.

Witch Hazel – this is an herb that is all about soothing inflammation. Since hemorrhoids are completely inflamed veins, they are definitely in need of some healing. That’s why having witch hazel as part of an herbal hemorrhoid treatment is an awesome way to go.

White Oak Bark – this is a natural aspirin of sorts. A pain killer that is definitely recommended for those struggling with piles. Every herbal remedy for hemorrhoids should include white oak bark since its natural ability to soothe comes in very useful for such a difficult ailment to have.

Cayenne– Well, what CAN’T cayenne do? This is one of the most essential parts of any herbal hemorrhoid treatment blend. Why? Because cayenne increases blood circulation, cleanses the blood, helps the bowels, helps to assimilate nutrition and pretty much is one of the most amazing and beneficial herbs out there on the market today.

Stone Root– this herb is critical. Why? It is a vein strengthener. Well, since hemorrhoids are weakened veins, it stands to reason that they must be strengthened! A topical cream will not strengthen veins. Sure, it’ll make the pain go away for a while – until it gets rubbed off. But stone root, when taken internally, can build up vein strength to help the body fight off hemorrhoids when stone root is used as part of an herbal hemorrhoid treatment.

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