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Herbal Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Unless you’ve been raised in a family that uses herbs, you may find them to be a bit strange. Since Western Medicine practically runs the US, it’s hard to consider any other option than that. Those who have tried every option known to Western Medicine, though, who have not had success are forced to look at alternatives. Usually, people don’t get into alternatives until the Western options have been exhausted. Either way, herbal remedies for hemorrhoids can absolutely be the solution to your problem for many, many reasons.

One reason that herbal remedies for hemorrhoids is such a great option to consider is that there is a much smaller risk of getting dangerous side effects. Often, drugs come with side effects warnings that can be every bit as bad or worse than the original problem. That is scary! Herbal options, though, do not have the same risks involved and rarely pose any potential of unwanted side effects.

The great thing about herbal hemorrhoid remedies also is that they work for any type of hemorrhoids. You could be dealing with bleeding internal hemorrhoids, external, thrombosed, prolapsed, you name it. Virtually every possibility of hemorrhoids could be eliminated through the use of herbs. The question is, what herbs?

There are several to consider. Witch hazel is great for killing pain and reducing inflammation. White oak bark is especially good at stopping bleeding. Butcher’s broom has been known for increasing the blood circulation which is critical for those who struggle with piles. Stone root does wonders for the veins. The list goes on and on. Indeed, there are several herbal hemorrhoid remedies available for anyone who wants to get rid of hemorrhoids.

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