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Bleeding Hemorrhoids

What Causes Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids to Bleed?

The site of blood on stool is enough to make anyone nervous. After all, it’s anything but normal. It can also be the sign of many different problems. It is not just limited to hemorrhoids. People who are dealing with bleeding internal hemorrhoids will want to know if that is what the problem is and then what to do for it. The best way to know for sure if the problem is caused by hemorrhoids is to get examined by a doctor. Once the diagnosis has been made, it’s time to look into several different hemorrhoid treatment options.

An important thing to consider as you make your decision is the actual cause of bleeding internal hemorhoids. What causes them to bleed? Knowing the answer to that question can help you to determine which treatment method will work best. The causes do vary; however, they are often centered around these reasons:

  • Weakened veins (They simply break under the strain)
  • Sharp Stool (It cuts the hemorrhoid on the way out, causing it to bleed)
  • Constipation (Pushing too hard for bowel movements can cause tearing)

Knowing that one of the causes of bleeding internal hemorrhoids is weakened veins, it stands to reason that a hemorrhoid treatment should provide some vein strengthening properties. That can help to narrow down the process of selecting treatment methods. Hemorrhoid cures that have stone root, for instance, are a good bet because stone root is known for strengthening veins. This will lead to less tearing and therefore, less bleeding.

It’s also good to pay attention to the health of the circulatory system. The healthier the circulatory system is, the less likely one will be to deal with hemorrhoids as they are in fact inflamed veins. Indeed, bleeding internal hemorrhoids are not fun; however, they can be fixed by understanding the causes and choosing a good treatment method.




Bleeding Hemorrhoid Treatment: What Makes Hemorrhoids Bleed?

Anyone who has rectal bleeding has good cause for concern and should seek a bleeding hemorrhoid treatment immediately. If the bleeding from the rectal area is caused by hemorrhoids, the good news is that it is not a life threatening condition. While that may be the case, they are still incredibly painful and they can really get in the way of every day life.

hemorrhoids relief

If you are suffering with bleeding from the anus, you should first and foremost go to your doctor. It’s important to know exactly what the cause is and bleeding hemorrhoids are only one of many potential causes. If your situation is not an external hemorrhoid, the only way to know for sure what the cause of the bleeding is would be to go to the doctor’s office.

Other causes of rectal bleeding might include cancer of the rectum, diverticulosis or polyps of the colon. Each of those conditions is serious and should be dealt with immediately. The longer these conditions go without treatment, the more serious and life threatening they will be.

Back to the question of what makes hemorrhoids bleed: the issue of bleeding hemorrhoids (also known as piles) is one of inflamed veins. These veins, when they become inflamed, are stretched out and weakened. Since many people strain to pass the bowels, this causes even more pressure on the weakened veins than is normally dealt with. It is not uncommon for the vein walls to rip or tear in their weakened state. Also, external hemorrhoids sometimes are cut by the stool as it passes. These are two main reasons for bleeding hemorrhoids which would necessitate the search for a bleeding hemorrhoid treatment.

When you are looking for a bleeding hemorrhoid treatment, be sure to find one that includes ingredients specifically designed to strengthen veins and reduce inflammation. Those types of treatments will help to treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. Best of luck!

Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids Video


I did a blog on this a few months back. I’ve also just now created an informational video that talks in depth about bleeding internal hemorrhoids.  This problem is a nasty one to have. But it’s best to equip yourself with knowledge and face it than to avoid it.

Sooner or later it would catch up with you. Besides, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have figured out a handy-dandy way of getting rid of bleeding internal hemorrhoids!

If there were no hope, it would be a sad, sad world. Luckily there is plenty of hope because the answer has been found, my friends. And I’m out to share it with the world. Take a look at this video and best of luck to you and yours!

Bleeding Hemorrhoids


Greetings all!! You’ve probably  noticed if you’ve been following my blog that I am switching to an audio/visual approach lately, rather than the same old boring, black and white typing. Some seem to really appreciate the switch, while others seem to prefer to read the blogs.

Either way it is my goal to continue to do both. I’ve created a short video discussing bleeding hemorrhoids. I go over their causes and my recommended cure. So give it a look and let me know what you think!

How to Choose an External Hemorrhoid Treatment

hemorrhoids reliefChoosing the best external hemorrhoid treatment can be a difficult project. No doubt, if you suffer with this type of ailment, it is not pleasant. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to find an external hemorrhoid treatment that actually not only alleviates pain, but also cures your problem altogether.

Too many external hemorrhoid treatment remedies go right for the pain… and stop there. They need to go right for the pain and kill the root of the problem. The last thing you want from your external hemorrhoid treatment is for your problem to keep reappearing time and time again.

Hemorrhoids in general are infamous for having constant flare ups and flare downs. It is always hard to know if they are completely gone as they like to take a break every now and again to get your hopes up. That is why you need to find an external hemorrhoid treatment that you can have complete confidence in. The way to do that is to find an external hemorrhoid treatment that cuts to the chase and kills your problem at the root of the problem instead of just smothering your symptoms.

An external hemorrhoid treatment that you can feel safe with is one that focuses on the key contributing factors to your physical problem. This problem’s factors consist of weakened veins, poor blood circulation and cleanliness, constipation, inflammation, inability to absorb nutrition and the ability to eliminate waste from your body.

The safest external hemorrhoid treatment that can focus simultaneously on each of these issues would be an all natural, herbal remedy. If you can find one with ingredients that help you to strengthen your veins, you can avoid developing bleeding hemorrhoids. A good ingredient to look for in avoiding that situation would most likely be the herb white oak bark.

To get a list of ingredients that are helpful to your condition, check out an all natural, herbal external hemorrhoid treatment that is proven and highly recommended at