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Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids

What Causes Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids to Bleed?

The site of blood on stool is enough to make anyone nervous. After all, it’s anything but normal. It can also be the sign of many different problems. It is not just limited to hemorrhoids. People who are dealing with bleeding internal hemorrhoids will want to know if that is what the problem is and then what to do for it. The best way to know for sure if the problem is caused by hemorrhoids is to get examined by a doctor. Once the diagnosis has been made, it’s time to look into several different hemorrhoid treatment options.

An important thing to consider as you make your decision is the actual cause of bleeding internal hemorhoids. What causes them to bleed? Knowing the answer to that question can help you to determine which treatment method will work best. The causes do vary; however, they are often centered around these reasons:

  • Weakened veins (They simply break under the strain)
  • Sharp Stool (It cuts the hemorrhoid on the way out, causing it to bleed)
  • Constipation (Pushing too hard for bowel movements can cause tearing)

Knowing that one of the causes of bleeding internal hemorrhoids is weakened veins, it stands to reason that a hemorrhoid treatment should provide some vein strengthening properties. That can help to narrow down the process of selecting treatment methods. Hemorrhoid cures that have stone root, for instance, are a good bet because stone root is known for strengthening veins. This will lead to less tearing and therefore, less bleeding.

It’s also good to pay attention to the health of the circulatory system. The healthier the circulatory system is, the less likely one will be to deal with hemorrhoids as they are in fact inflamed veins. Indeed, bleeding internal hemorrhoids are not fun; however, they can be fixed by understanding the causes and choosing a good treatment method.




What Causes Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids?

Undoubtedly, anyone who is dealing with bleeding internal hemorrhoids has to ask what causes them. It is human nature to wonder why something – anything – happens to us. In the case of piles that bleed, there could be several causes. This is why it can be difficult to treat them. Depending upon the causes that actually happened to you, your bleeding hemorrhoids treatment may need to be completely different. So what are some of the causes of this condition?

One common cause of hemorrhoids is when someone is overweight. The excess weight puts a lot of pressure on the veins. This makes sense since the majority of pregnant women deal with hemorrhoids. The sudden and excessive weight gain is often too much for the veins to handle. In the case of extra weight that causes bleeding hemorrhoids, it’s best to exercise in order to keep the blood circulating and the veins clean and healthy.

Another cause of bleeding internal hemorrhoids is constipation. Constipation is another form of pressure on the veins. Those who have to strain during a bowel movement may end up causing their veins to burst, therefore causing them to bleed. Sharp stool can actually cut the veins on its way out, too. So there are definitely many causes for making hemorrhoids bleed. Regardless of what causes them, it’s important to get them treated right away. They only get worse until they are treated. It’s best to use an internal hemorrhoid remedy in order to right all the wrongs inside, too.

Are Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids Dangerous?

People do not typically think of hemorrhoids as a life threatening condition. Sure, it’s uncomfortable. Sure, it’s embarrassing. But life threatening? Usually not. Not all hemorrhoids are the same, though. Some are small and harmless and only have problems every now and again when they flare up due to aggravation. Some are bleeding internal hemorrhoids which appear much more menacing.

So are bleeding internal hemorrhoids dangerous? Anytime one is losing blood, there is an amount of danger evident there. Unless the bleeding has been continuing for an extended period of time, you are most likely going to be just fine. That is, though, only if you look at your hemorrhoid treatment options and then take action on a treatment method. Those who just let their piles continue to grow and develop out of control are those who will find themselves in a compromised condition sooner or later.

The sight of blood is alarming. It is no less alarming when it is found in the toilet or on the toilet paper.  Relax, though. There are things that can be done to treat the problem and get rid of it. It does not mean you will die. But it does mean that there’s a problem and that the problem needs to be taken care of. While the term ‘dangerous’ might be too strong, it’s still a little too light to say everything is fine.

So while the emergency room is not necessary, certain types of action would be. It’s a good idea to find a strong, proven remedy. The ones that are natural are the best ones to try. Usually, they do not have unpleasant side effects like doctor’s medications always do. You should be able to find them online or at your local health food store. See what you can come up with and whatever you do, don’t ignore the problem.

Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids Video


I did a blog on this a few months back. I’ve also just now created an informational video that talks in depth about bleeding internal hemorrhoids.  This problem is a nasty one to have. But it’s best to equip yourself with knowledge and face it than to avoid it.

Sooner or later it would catch up with you. Besides, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have figured out a handy-dandy way of getting rid of bleeding internal hemorrhoids!

If there were no hope, it would be a sad, sad world. Luckily there is plenty of hope because the answer has been found, my friends. And I’m out to share it with the world. Take a look at this video and best of luck to you and yours!

Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoids reliefThe interesting fact about bleeding internal hemorrhoids is that they are not consistent at all.  Many people will feel the effects of them or see the symptoms and worry. Then, as soon as a few days later, all signs may have stopped. This does not mean that your bleeding internal hemorrhoids have gone away.

The rookie mistake is to assume that once the bleeding ceases, your bleeding internal hemorrhoids are cured. That is simply not true. This specific type of problem has a habit of flaring up and down intermittently. Just because the bleeding internal hemorrhoids symptoms stop for a while does not mean that the inside issues are cured.

What needs to happen for the treatment of bleeding internal hemorrhoids so they will never return is a series of things. You need to strengthen your veins. The symptom of blood when passing stool is a result of vein tearing or breakage. Whether it was cut or ripped from excess pressure, it needs to be healed and strengthened.

One way to strengthen your veins is to use an herb called white oak bark. This herb naturally strengthens veins which is necessary for bleeding internal hemorrhoids. It is contained in our ingredients for our hemorrhoids treatment.  Another helpful aid in strengthening your veins to stop your symptoms of blood after a bowel movement is to use the ingredient stone root.

Stone root is not the most well known herb. It has only recently made a name for itself in the homeopathic community. It is best known for its positive effects upon the many different types of your problem, including bleeding internal hemorrhoids.

Another good idea for preventing bleeding internal hemorrhoids is to lessen the pressure that is put on your sensitive anal veins. The less pressure, the less likely they are to rip and develop into bleeding internal hemorrhoids. Our hemorrhoid treatment is known to have those positive effects as well.