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External Hemorrhoid

What Are Your Hemorrhoid Treatment Options?

Something that people often over-look is the fact that they’ve got options. There are many options for hemorrhoid treatment options. Many people don’t realize that, though, because they simply call their doctor and go along with the one option that he or she may give. This is a problem because not one method will work for everyone. When that is the case, it’s important to explore all of your options. This may mean exploring other avenues that don’t involve your doctor. Now – that being said – it’s imoprtant that your doctor sign off on all hemorrhoid treatment options that you undergo; however, they do not necessarily have to originate with he or she.

Option #1 – Use a Cream

Many doctors provide recommendations for over the counter creams and ointments that provide relief. The only problem with creams and ointments, (besides the fact that they are messy!) is that they only provide temporary relief. There is nothing about them that helps to solve the internal problem. Also, if there is a case of internal or external hemorrhoids that are really bad – like thrombosed hemorrhoids – creams will likely not have much of an effect.

Option #2 – Get Hemorrhoid Surgery

This is usually the second of only two hemorrhoid treatment options that doctors provide. Why? It’s basically all they know. Much the same as the cream, the hemorrhoid surgery is only a temporary solution. Cutting it off does not correct the wrongs that are still on the inside, creating the problem in the first place. It is also a well -known fact that hemorrhoid surgery is both painful and has a high percentage of hemorrhoids coming right back.

Option #3 – Hemorrhoid Treatment at Home

While this is the third option on our list, this actually comprises a variety of hemorrhoid treatment options. There are hundreds of home remedies for hemorrhoids that have been tried with success. These remedies are usually made up of quality ingredients that target each cause of the development of hemorrhoids. There is no doubt that there are plenty of hemorrhoid treatment options available to anyone who will look for them. The important thing is to take your health in your hands and determine ALL of your options for treating hemorrhoids.


Prolapsed Hemorrhoids: What Are They and How to Get Rid of Them

The word prolapsed is not a nice one to hear. Undoubtedly it can really freak people out. Most people don’t even know what prolapsed hemorrhoids are. It’s not something that’s taught in school, after all. Unfortunately, too many people are too embarrassed to ask questions. The fact of the matter is that you could be walking around with prolapsed hemorrhoids right now without even knowing what it is. Thank goodness for the World Wide Web and its ability to provide answers without making us feel silly… So what are prolapsed hemorrhoids and how do we get rid of them?

They are a type of pile that is prolapsed is where an internal hemorrhoid has protruded outside of the anal canal. It’s extremely painful and usually an advanced form of pile. The best way to get rid of them would be to avoid painful and expensive surgeries. These simply chop them off only to have them grow back in a short time later. The best way to deal with them would instead be to invest in a home remedy for hemorrhoids that is safe and natural. This should eliminate the causes which would include weak veins, poor blood circulation, poor blood cleanliness, constipation and more.

Those who get rid of these problems are those who end up with the ability to heal their piles instead of cover up the symptoms. Covering the symptoms only leads to more problems down the line. It’s best to get to the root of the problem and start there than to use the band-aid approach that is endorsed by most doctors. Those who now understand what prolapsed hemorrhoids are and how to treat them are those who will definitely be able to get rid of them easier.


What You Need to Know About a Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Anyone who is in need of a thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment needs to know a few things about it. Those who don’t do any research and just expect their doctors to tell them everything they need to know are in for a rude awakening. The fact of the matter is that too many people rely on others to tell them what they need to know. Rarely does anyone get the right answers they need if they don’t go searching. So in matters pertaining to thrombosed external hemorrhoids, it’s a good idea to do some research and know the basics.

One basic tidbit of information that would be good for anyone suffering with this ailment to know would be that while the piles are on the outside, that doesn’t meant they should be treated from the outside. It would be best to find a thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment that is taken orally. The reason for this is that whatever caused this problem was caused on the inside. The root problem is internal. That’s why the internal treatment methods are always the best to go with.

Something else that everyone should know about is that the natural options for a thrombosed external hemorrhoid treatment will have less side effects than treatment methods that are not natural. Antibiotics – while they have their uses – can often provide more problems than solutions. You need to know that the body was made to deal with problems on its own. Without the natural nutrition that it needs to strengthen itself, it is unable to repair itself naturally. By dealing with these problems in a natural way, the outcome will always be more positive than if the problem was dealt with using synthetic chemicals, etc.


What Is An External Hemorrhoid, Anyway?

I hate to get graphic, but sometimes it’s just necessary when defining exactly what an ailment is. The issue of hemorrhoids is not a comfortable one for anyone to discuss and in the case of external hemorrhoids, there is no exception. Nevertheless, the question has been asked and therefore is in need of an answer. To answer the question of what an external hemorrhoid is, one needs to know what a hemorrhoid is first.

hemorrhoids relief

A hemorrhoid is an inflamed vein that is usually quite painful. It is always located inside or just outside the anus. As you can imagine, this makes sitting incredibly uncomfortable and even walking can be uncomfortable, too. What defines this as internal or external is simply where it is positioned on or in the anus. External hemorrhoids, therefore, are on the outside.They are also not the same as thrombosed hemorrhoids. Be aware that they are two different types.

What is unfortunate about external types is that they are much more painful than internal types. They bare the brunt of most of the weight when someone sits. They are irritated by walking, running and even sometimes standing. THey also sometimes have the potential to leak fluid and blood. When this is the case, it can really make a mess. The bottom line is that an external hemorrhoid is painful and no fun at all.

Remember that one does not need an external treatment in order to get rid of an external hemorrhoid. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Hemorrhoids, whether internal or external, are caused by serious conditions on the inside and therefore require internal hemorrhoid treatment methods. Look for internal treatments that have the potential of strengthening veins, soothing inflammation and increasing blood flow. These are most likely going to be what will help your condition.

External Hemorrhoid Treatment Video


Many are often surprised to learn that just because one is suffering from external hemorrhoids does not mean they need an external hemorrhoid treatment.

In fact, usually the case is such that they are in need of an internal hemorrhoid treatment to kill the root problems that have caused your external woes.

I have created a short, educational video that explains exactly what I mean. Enjoy!