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Here’s a video I made that sums up our hemorrhoid treatment with how and why it works.

Improving Your Circulatory System Health is the Key to Curing Piles

Day after day people keep going in and out of doctors’ offices without any real answers on how to heal their hemorrhoids. Considering how prevalent piles are in the United States, one would think that Western Medicine would have a better handle on how to deal with them. One would be wrong, though. Finding an actual effective hemorrhoids cure is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to do.

The reason that so many people find it incredibly difficult to find an effective hemorrhoids treatment is the fact that everyone is focused on the wrong place. Doctors and patients alike tend to focus on the problem of the symptoms rather than on the root issue of the causes themselves. What is one of the major causes for developing this unfortunate situation on your backside? The root issue that is right at your core and often ignored is the issue of poor circulatory health.

Why Aren’t Doctors Recommending a Focus on Increasing Circulatory System Health?

Few (if any) doctors’ practice taking care of the circulatory system as an effective hemorrhoid treatment option. That’s simply not what they’ve been trained to do. There is no pharmaceutical drug that helps the body increase blood circulation, reduce blood clotting and strengthen veins. That’s why it’s simply not in the cards for the doctor to do it.

What they don’t realize, though, is that the circulatory system is what actually is responsible for moving gases, oxygen, waste and nutrients in the blood throughout the body. When you do not get rid of the waste properly or you are not able to absorb the nutrition properly, you will not be able to heal yourself properly – period.

Blood Clots, Vein Strength and Answers to Improving it All

Some hemorrhoids form because of small blood clots. When the circulatory system is functioning as it should be, blood clots should be nowhere to be found. The majority of piles have blood clots in them which simply serves as yet another testimony of why the circulatory system plays such a major role in eliminating piles altogether.

Let us not forget the vein walls. After all, the veins are definitely included with the circulatory system. What are piles if not a swollen, weakened vein? If the vein is given more nutrition, more strength, more elasticity, it will not swell. This is done, again, by focusing on healing efforts for the circulatory system.

So how can one effectively increase their circulation health as a part of their hemorrhoid treatment?

There are a few ways to go about it:

• Diet
• Exercise
• Vein Strengtheners
• Blood Cleansers

Diet plays a key role in healing any ailment. That’s the main disconnect between Western Medicinal Routines and natural healing methods. After all, you quite literally are what you eat. If you are not eating enough nutritious foods, you will not have enough nutrition in your body to make it function as it should. That’s why getting your intake of leafy green vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds will actually do wonders for your body all on their own. On the other side, cutting out greasy, sugary and processed foods is every bit as important so as to give your body the fuel it needs instead of clogging it up.

Exercise has been proven time and time again to increase the health of the circulatory system. It pushes much-needed oxygen through the body and increases the rate of blood flow throughout the body, too. This helps it to transfer nutrients in and waste out much better than for those who do not exercise regularly.

Nutritional Aids to Add to a Healthier Diet

Since weakened veins are quite literally what you are trying to avoid, it stands to reason that the remedy should include something to strengthen and build up the veins. Too many people are unaware that such nutritional aids are indeed out there and extremely less expensive than prescription medications that do nothing to increase vein health. Some examples of vein strengtheners would include stone root and butcher’s broom. Each is a natural herb that has proven time and time again the positive effects on veins and in turn, piles. They should not be used alone as a hemroid treatment, though. The entire point of this article is to talk about all the factors and ways to increase blood circulation, which will thereby give you the desired results you are after.

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The circulatory system is reliant upon the health and cleanliness of the blood itself. When the blood does not circulate quickly, rid itself of waste or get the necessary nutrition for rebuilding it’s components, that is when you run into problems like hemorrhoids along with many other types of ailments. That’s why natural blood cleansers are imperative to add into any hemorrhoid cure. So what are blood cleansers and where can you find them? Look for remedies that include natural blood cleansing and healing components such as cayenne, ginger and butcher’s broom.

Any blend that contains these vein strengthening, building and cleansing ingredients will do wonders for the health of the circulatory system and in turn, treating, healing and preventing piles. Unfortunately, in the United States, people like to make the wrong choices before they choose the right ones. It often takes getting to the breaking point and even having surgery without successful results before someone will get to the basics of their root problem and let their nutritional intake provide the answers they will need.

The Wonderful Benefits of Treating the Issue at its Core

The interesting thing to note is that when one treats their symptoms with drugs that simply dull the pain, it often comes with other equally uncomfortable side effects. When one actually gets to the root issue of poor circulatory health and works on building up and strengthening the blood and veins, they will actually see positive side effects! Examples would include actually finding themselves with more energy, less discomfort, a positive attitude, better digestion and a reduction of uncomfortable symptoms from previously related problems. Indeed, the only downfall to treating piles by improving your circulatory system is that you had to wait until now before you realized that’s what you needed.


Hemorrhoid Removal

It sounds so permanent, doesn’t it? Hemorrhoid removal. It is also known as hemorrhoidectomy. At least, that is the severe way to do it. Usually, most people opt for any other route possible before moving onto a hemorrhoidectomy. This is because it is rather painful and invasive, not to mention, expensive.

Quite frankly, because of the location of your problem, any type of hemorrhoid removal process is going to be embarrassing and invasive. Some are more so than others, however. One of the more common hemorrhoid procedures is called banding it.

Banding is a hemorrhoid removal procedure in which an elastic band is wrapped around the base of a hemorrhoid. This causes your problem to shrink while allowing your tissues to heal at the same time. This hemorrhoid removal process takes anywhere from two to four procedures. This is not your only alternative for surgical hemorrhoid removal, however.

Staples is a newer alternative process. It is also known as stapled hemorrhoidopexy. This type of hemorrhoid removal process is used for treating bleeding or prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. This is more painful than the banding method, however, it only needs to be done once. No matter what, because of the embarrassment, pain and expense involved, all of these medical procedures are usually used as a last resort.

The best way to go about hemorrhoid removal is to heal your problem internally. By simply removing your hemorrhoid, you will not be fixing the internal problem. This is why many, many hemorrhoid sufferers end up with the same problems after they have had surgical hemorrhoid removal procedure.

Sadly, many people resort to hemorrhoid removal procedures because everything else they have tried has failed. Usually, though, the other remedies they have tried have been topical applications. These, like the surgeries, again only focus on the outside. If you are merely attacking the symptoms, you will continue with your problem. You need, instead, a remedy that heals your hemorrhoids from the inside out.

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