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Hemorrhoid Treatment At Home: Four Helpful Ingredients

Those who are interested in conducting a hemorrhoid treatment at home definitely have a good chance at success. There are countless cases of people successfully treating hemorrhoids from home. What can be rather confusing, though, is the many different options there are available for doing so. Many people will boast of successes that came about far differently than one another. Still others will talk about things they tried that didn’t work which is not very helpful, either. The point is that anyone can find a good hemorrhoid treatment at home if they know what ingredients to look for.

So what ingredients should you be looking for to treat your hemorrhoids from home?

Witch hazel – witch hazel has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a very well-known ingredient to use for soothing the pain of hemorrhoids. It can be applied topically or taken orally which adds to it a wonderfully diverse nature. While it would seem to make more sense to try to apply it topically since it can relieve itching and irritation, the best form is to take it internally – so it can heal the inflammation on the inside.

Aloe Vera – there are many forms of aloe vera. Some are more diluted than others. Some have other additives while others are more natural. The best form is the kind that is the purest, most natural form. This can help to ward off constipation which can play a large role in developing hemorrhoids. It can also provide relief if applied topically.

Ginger – ginger is a well known home remedy for all sorts of things. It helps with nausea and upset tummies along with hemorrhoids. This ingredient is used in cooking and for a variety of other things as well. No hemorrhoid treatment at home is complete without the use of ginger.

Stone root – stone root is a vein strengthener. Since hemorrhoids are weakened, inflamed veins, it’s important to strengthen these veins with vein-building properties such as stone root. There have also been cases in which varicose veins have been aided with stone root. Indeed, there is no reason to go with hemorrhoid medication when a hemorrhoid treatment at home is completely possible.


Hemorrhoid Medication: Do You Need a Prescription?

A common misconception about hemorrhoid medication is that a prescription is needed. The fact of the matter is that there are many alternatives available to help anyone get rid of hemorrhoids that do not require a prescription. In fact, many options are completely safe and can legally be obtained over the counter or online without even a doctor’s visit. Of course, it’s always recommended to talk to your doctor before taking anything; however, a prescription is often not necessary.

Many are surprised to find that often the best treatment for hemorrhoids is one that is completely natural. One will never find a completely natural remedy for anything at their doctors office. If someone wants a natural remedy for hemorrhoids, they will definitely need to expand their searches to other places. Natural doctors are a great place to begin a search like that. Also, it’s good to talk to close friends and family members to find out different methods that did and did not work for them whether they are hemorrhoid medications or not.

While many people feel better about prescriptions only because they are used to needing to get them, they are not the only way to go. Usually, they require an expensive doctor’s visit and they also require an expensive visit to the pharmacy. These exercises may be necessary for serious medical situations; however, hemorrhoids are a situation that can definitely be dealt with effectively in a natural way. There is no reason to run out in search of hemorrhoid medication when so many alternatives are available over the counter and online.



Hemorrhoid Medication: Do You Need a Doctor For It?

There’s no point in beating around the bush. The short answer is no. No, you do not need a doctor in order to get a treatment method for hemorrhoids. Many people think of hemorrhoid medication as something that only doctors can give. If you’re looking for the traditional remedies, then yes, you may be right. But if you are simply looking to get healed, you can do that without ever even speaking to a doctor.

The best treatment for hemorrhoids is one that is natural. Those who are familiar with doctors know that doctors aren’t really about anything that’s natural. They’re more about cynthetic, man-made chemicals that always come with a plethora of side effects. Realize, there is a time and a place for doctors. All I’m saying is, hemorrhoids is not that time or place. You can get hemorrhoid medication, or rather, a natural hemorrhoid remedy by simply doing some research about what you need and then purchasing it at your local health food store or online.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

First, in your research you should study what even causes piles. Typically, it is a myriad of things. It could be poor circulation, inability to rid waste, blood toxicity, weakened veins, constipation, poor diet and many, many more things. So, now that you see a few of the factors that can lead to developing this problem, your hemorrhoid medication should contain specific ingredients that will attack each and everyone of these factors. That is how you can get a cure for hemorrhoids without ever even seeing a doctor.

Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy


The last thing a woman who is with child needs or wants is to have to deal with both hemorrhoids and pregnancy. Unfortunately, it appears to come with the job. It would seem that too often, each woman in at least one if not all of her pregnancies is faced with hemorrhoids and pregnancy.

Rather than using doctor-prescribed medication, it may be better to consider instead that a hemorrhoid home treatment is the best hemorrhoid treatment option for you. After all, any natural hemorrhoids cure will be far easier on both you and your baby than possible side effects that often come with antibiotic medicines from the doctor. When you are dealing with hemorrhoids and pregnancy, it is far better to go natural.

When you choose a natural cure for hemorrhoids for your problem of hemorrhoids and pregnancy, you will find that less often your problem will come back as opposed to when you use treatments from your doctor. The reason for this is that the treatments from your doctor for hemorrhoids and pregnancy are generally used to cover up your symptoms rather than to cure your actual problem.

Do your research on a natural remedy for hemorrhoids and pregnancy. Natural is the only way to go. It should be a blend of potent ingredients that target the very root of your problem. For my suggested natural remedy for your situation of both hemorrhoids and pregnancy, click here.

Hemorrhoid Medication

hemorrhoids relief

Probably the most common type of hemorrhoid medication is any form of preparation H. It has been around for simply years and years. It is not just one product, either. There are several types of ointments, creams, gels and even medicated wipes. All are useful as a part of your hemorrhoid medication, but none will really cure your problem long term.

No, this type of hemorrhoid medication has one purpose and one purpose only. That is to soothe your pain and give you some rather quick relief.  Truly, it is a lofty goal and should be appreciated. One should keep in mind, however, to only give credit where credit is due. Any hemorrhoid medication that can provide any form of relief deserves a pat on the back. Just do not give it the treatment of the year award if it cannot completely cure your problem.

You see, your hemorrhoid medication should serve a variety of functions. Not just one. While soothing pain and providing temporary relief should be appreciated, it should not serve as your only hemorrhoid medication. You should use these creams and gels in conjunction with a treatment that attacks your problem from the inside out.

A treatment that gets to the root causes and eliminates those causes, as well as to prevent future flare ups is your best option for hemorrhoid medication. Do not feel that you need to only go with one or the other. In many cases while you are working on your long term goal of healing the problems inside, you can also use a topical treatment of sorts to give you temporary relief and see you through your recovery.

The most highly recommended hemorrhoid medication would be a natural one. This is because if it is natural, you will know you will not get extra horrifying side effects. You can also rest assured that you will not have to worry about negative effects of your hemorrhoid medication as you would with antibiotics.

For Your Natural Hemorrhoid Medication, click here.