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Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemorrhoid Symptoms: What You Need to Know

You need to know about and be aware of hemorrhoid symptoms. Why? This is one of the most common ailments we have in our society. More than half the population will have suffered with hemorrhoids at least once if not more by the age of fifty and the statistics soar after that. It is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed issues because not enough people are aware of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

So what are they?  They include:

  • itchiness
  • irritation
  • inflammation
  • bleeding

You also need to know that these issues do not just go away on their own. It will seem like they do because they have a tendancy to flare up and down sporatically. So it may seem like they are better when really, they are going to flare up any minute. This is an issue with treating them as well. Many people stop treatment prematurely becasue their flareups have temporarily gone away. They are fooled into thinking their hemorrhoid symptoms are gone when really, they will be back soon enough. That’s why everyone must continue with their treatment method for as long as prescribed or else their piles will simply come back again and again.

Realize also that hemorrhoids can be mistaken for many other things and vice versa. It is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed ailments of our time. Since the majority of people will experience this issue at some time if not multiple times throughout their life, it’s important to know the many hemorrhoid symptoms associated with this issue. Correct diagnoses is the first step to healing them in their entirety.



What is Confused with Symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

Due to the nature of symptoms of hemorrhoids, one cannot always be certain of what they have. After all, hemorrhoids are often found up inside the anal canal. This is not easy to locate or see. Many people simply rely upon the symptoms of itchiness, aching, inflammation and bleeding to tell them what their issue is. The fact of the matter is, though, that hemorrhoids symptoms can be the same as other types of symptoms and are therefore sometimes misdiagnosed. So what other symptoms could these be mistaken for?

Something else that is similar to hemorrhoids symptoms would be symptoms of cancer in the anus. Sometimes, bleeding from the rectum can be a sign of this issue. Since more people are more aware of hemorrhoids than they are of the symptoms of cancer, this is often misdiagnosed. That can be scary. It is just one more reason one should always talk to their doctor for a correct diagnosis before beginning any type of treatment regimen. Understanding the problem is the only way to find and understand a solution.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Something else that can be confused with symptoms of hemorrhoids is pain from riding a bike. Skinny bike seats cause a great deal of pain and irritation around the anus. This lingering pain can go on for quite a while, leading many to believe they have symptoms of hemorrhoids when really it is simply a sore buttocks from riding. Yet another issue that can be mistaken for symptoms of hemorrhoids is itchiness in the anus. This can happen when one doesn’t wipe well enough after a bowel movement. If anything is left behind, it has a tendency to itch quite a bit. Do not let these symptoms cause misdiagnosis for your issue.


A Simple List of Hemorrhoids Symptoms for You

When it comes to hemorrhoids symptoms, you don’t want a long, detailed and drawn out lecture like what you would receive in medical school. Let’s face it, we’re not all going to be doctors when we grow up. Some of us just want a simple, straightforward explanation of hemorrhoids symptoms. Well, that’s what we’re giving you.

First – hemorrhoids are not all the same. That means that you might experience different symptoms with some types than with others. Either way, the generally have similar qualities which means you should be able to identify them relatively easily.

  • One symptom of hemorrhoids is that they are very painful. They are located in the buttock and are often more painful when one sits, squats or passes a bowel movement. This pain is often sharp and even throbbing, depending upon their severity.
  • Other hemorrhoids symptoms would include itchiness and irritation. Thanks to their embarrassing location, this is extremely uncomfortable. Usually, external hemorrhoids have this symptom while internal hemorrhoids are not quite as bad.
  • Bleeding is a possible situation for any type of hemorrhoids. Blood clots can also form to cause thrombosis. Many people do not realize that there are serious problems with the blood, veins and blood circulation in order to develop hemorrhoids. That’s why you need to find a remedy for hemorrhoids that not only takes care of the symptoms, but also gets to the root problem and helps to cleanse and circulate the blood better.

Hemroid Harry

There are several ways to get rid of hemorrhoids symptoms. The best way to do it, though, is with Hemroid Harry. He is an herbal blend of natural ingredients that are proven to get rid of hemorrhoids fast.


Hemorrhoids Symptoms Video


There are several different types of problems that have similar signs as hemorrhoids symptoms. There may be some pain in your anal area but that does not necessarily indicate hemroids. Either way, when you recognize discomfort in that region, it is important that you immediately take steps to find out exactly what it is and to treat it accordingly.

There are more hemorrhoids symptoms than simply the feeling of sharp pain in your anal area. You can learn if you are suffering from hemorrhoids symptoms by looking at all of the known signs of piles and evaluating accordingly. For the ease of learning, I have created a short, educational video about hemorrhoids symptoms below. Take a look and best of luck with your situation!

Hemorrhoids or Fissure?


If you’re much like me, in the beginning when you first heard the word, “hemorrhoid“, you probably thought it was something like an STD (sexually transmitted disease). And when you heard the word fissure, perhapse you shrugged it off as another name for a paper cut. Well in either case, if you assumed like I did, we were both wrong. Hemorrhoids or fissure problems are much different.

Figuring out the difference between hemorrhoids or fissure symptoms can be difficult as they both contain very similar symptoms. I’ve created a short video for you here to define first what hemorrhoids or fissure problems are, and secondly to define the difference clearly for a better understanding. Third and more importantly, some suggested solutions to help you to solve whatever the case may end up being, be it hemorrhoids or fissure problems.

Indeed life used to be far more simple before the days of hemorrhoids or fissure problems. Luckily, though, with a little knowledge and action, this problem can be healed and life can go back to being simple again. Take a look at the video below and best of luck!!