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Suggestions for a Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Those who have struggled with piles for a while are usually open to any suggestions at that point.  The reason for that is that hemorrhoids are so incredibly uncomfortable. Those who have just started their struggle with piles are indeed less likely to entertain suggestions for a home remedy for hemorrhoids. Part of the main reason for this is that people are uncomfortable talking about this embarrassing predicament. Part of the reason is that people are often closed minded and need to be humbled by pain for a while before they will allow anything to be suggested to them.

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

For those who are willing to entertain some suggestions for a home remedy for hemorrhoids, there are a few things that have been known to shrink hemorrhoids that you could try.  First, one thing that can reduce inflammation is white oak bark. it has been known to soothe inflammation and sometimes even shrink piles – especially if mixed with other natural herbs that are effective at eliminating inflammation as well. For instance, witch hazel and stone root can aid with that also. Indeed, any home remedy for hemorrhoids that has each of these natural healing herbs will be most likely to both shrink piles and sooth inflammation.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Lastly, remember that the problem lies within and stems from a variety of causes. Poor diet, lack of excercize, poor posture, straining while on the toilet, lack of nutrition and many other things can lead to developing piles. Those who are proactive about finding a natural, internal solution and home remedy for hemorrhoids are those who will be most likely to recover the best.

Internal Piles Video

The video below is an educational video that discusses what internal piles are as well as what the best way to get rid of them would be.

The causes of internal piles are often a product of:

  • Excess pressure; people who sit for a long period of time end up putting excess pressure on their anal area. Excess pressure can also be caused by pushing too hard when trying to have a bowel movement.
  • Constipation; when people are unable to have bowel movements, it tends to irritate the veins in the anus. The irritated veins end up becoming inflamed which therefore leads to internal piles.
  • Poor blood circulation; since internal piles actually occur within the veins, it’s important to realize the effect of blood circulation. If blood is not circulating properly, it is unable to clean out the waste gathering on the veins which then leads to piles.
  • Inflammation; people end up with inflammation as a result of many things – poor diet being one of them.

While there are several supposed cures for internal piles, not many have proved effective for the masses. The video below discusses each component of the recommended hemorrhoid cure and what specifically it does to get rid of the various aspects of hemorroids.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids


There are several treatments that you can do for home remedies for hemorrhoids. Most of them will ease your pain if done correctly. Having home remedies for hemorrhoids is nice because you can avoid the expense of the doctor’s office as well as the embarrassment of having such an ailment. Generally speaking, trying to solve physical ailments from home is a less expensive way to obtain relief.

There are several options for home remedies for hemorrhoids. They range from topical to oral. There is even argument that your thoughts and emotions can play a role in your current situation. Depending upon the severity of your situation, you should be able to find one if not more of these suggested home remedies for hemorrhoids useful.

There are topical treatments such as cypress oil or aloe vera gel. These both should provide some relief from the inflammation and pain. A sitz bath will soothe the area. These can be time consuming, however, they can also be worth it. And although it does not sound like fun, a cayenne and garlic enema should help to relieve the pain in most cases. These home remedies for hemorrhoids are definitely suggested.

There are some items to avoid as part of your home remedies for hemorrhoids. I would suggest to avoid taking harsh laxatives considering the delicate situation your back side is in. Also, try to avoid harsh surfaces and harsh toilet paper. You can moisten your toilet paper for some mild relief. Also, remember that products such as ibuprophen and aspirin can encourage bleeding – so do your best to avoid those as well.

Each of these suggestions have been proven to provide relief for many hemorrhoid sufferers. However, I would suggest looking for something a bit more long term in your home remedies for hemorrhoids. To start the internal healing, you need to look for home remedies for hemorrhoids that will provide you with long term results.

For my suggested Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids, click here.

Hemroid Cure


So you need a hemroid cure, right? You turn to your trusted friend and ally, the internet. You type in the very simple phrase, “hemroid cure.” However, unfortunately, that simple term is now one of the most complex puzzles you have ever had to solve.  There are millions of pieces of information and treatments out there. What, oh what are you to do?

Do not stress. Determining which of the thousands of different hemroid cure remedies to use is not as difficult as you may think. It is really just a matter of breaking down what your problem consists of and what your ultimate goal is. As simple as that sounds, many sufferers of your condition are not as logical in their thinking about their hemroid cure.

Your problem consists of weakened, inflamed veins. Naturally, your hemroid cure should focus on two main things: Providing relief and actually preventing this problem from occurring again. Too many people just like you are so worried about treating the pain that they forget to make sure that they are truly healing the internal problem. If you are only smothering your symptoms, then you are not helping yourself with a true hemroid cure for the long term.

So when it comes to choosing your natural remedy, be sure to find one that will A: give you relief and B: solve your root problem so that this situation will not be a continual challenge for you in the future. Finding such a hemroid cure can easily be done by logically answering those first two questions. Number one: will you get relief? And number two: will it prevent your problem from coming back again as any hemroid cure should.

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Hemorrhoids Pregnancy


Typically, the reason that many woman end up going through a hemorrhoids pregnancy or two is because of the excess weight that the baby creates on their anal veins. The exact positioning of the baby is directly over the anus and therefore is responsible for causing extreme discomfort in that area.

The anal veins become swollen and often inflamed as a result of the overload of pressure. The inflammation is the cause of pain and irritation that you feel when you have a hemorrhoids pregnancy. Many women who deal with a hemorrhoids pregnancy are also not strangers to the discomforts of constipation. This situation only aggravates the strain further, which will then lead to an even more uncomfortable hemorrhoids pregnancy.

Adding more fiber to your daily diet will help to reverse constipation. And while there really is not much you can do about the extra weight of the baby during your hemorrhoids pregnancy, you can still change some of your posture habits and also take some natural substances that will help you to strengthen your anal veins.

Some good ingredients you may want to think about using would include stone root and white oak bark. These ingredients will help to strengthen and improve elasticity for your veins so they will better be able to handle the pressure of your hemorrhoids pregnancy. These herbs are also beneficial for other aspects of your body and will be well worth the investment for much needed relief for your hemorrhoids pregnancy.