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Natural Cures for Hemorrhoids: Check Out These Options for You

Those who feel like they don’t have any options are those who haven’t checked out the many natural cures for hemorrhoids that are out on the market today. It can feel limiting when all you have to go off of is what your doctor gives you. Doctors often only give you one choice – painful surgery. That is, of course, after you’ve tried their over the counter solution like Preparation H to no avail. This is typical because these topical, over the counter solutions are only short-term methods of reducing pain. They do absolutely nothing to rid you of the root problem you are having. So instead of listening to your doctors limited non-solutions, look into the many natural options available to you for anything from prolapsed hemorrhoids to internal hemorrhoids.

The first suggested natural option to think about would be Hemroid Harry. This is interesting because it is in pill form. You swallow it orally instead of apply something on the pile itself. This is much more appealing to the masses already. The best part about it, though, is the fact that it gets to the root of the problem much quicker and much better than solutions that are only applied topically. For instance, creams and ointments won’t do much good for the overall picture.

Another one of the natural cures for hemorrhoids to think about would include changing your own poor habits. These might include adding more fitness to your regimen. This is important because it will increase blood circulation (which is a known cause of hemorrhoids) while strengthening veins (which is important because hemorrhoids ARE weak veins). In addition to adding exercise, it’s a good idea to add fiber to the diet. Constipation is another leading cause of piles. Lastly, add some blood cleansers to your list of natural cures for hemorrhoids and you will likely be getting rid of them in no time.


What is Your Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids?

So while it might seem that we just shamelessly promote this hemorrhoid treatment (because it works), it’s important for us to hear from our readers about what has worked for them. Dealing with piles can be tricky and one man’s solution could be another man’s doom. So we’d love to hear from you – our readers – to find out what has worked for you? What home remedy for hemorrhoids have you discovered? How did it work?

One tip we’ve learned over the years on how to shrink hemorrhoids is to use a dab of cypress oil and apply it right on the spot. Sounds gross – because it is – but let’s face it; hemorrhoids are gross. There’s no other way around it. Applying something topically is not the end of the world. This is especially true if you are comparing it with just leaving them anyway. Cypress oil can be found at any health food store. It can also be purchased online. It’s a natural oil that has been known for its healing abilities for ages. While this will not effectively deal with the many contributing factors that cause piles, it is more than adequate to combine with your home remedy for hemorrhoids to provide some temporary relief and shrinkage.

Another suggestion for your home remedy for hemorrhoids is to change some poor habits that are most likely developed by hemorrhoid sufferers. For instance, pay attention to your posture when you sit, stand, run, lift or even when you sleep. Also, try not to strain while making a bowel movement. Increase your fiber intake and drink more water. Be sure to get some exercise in, also. All of these factors will combine to create the best home remedy for hemorrhoids ever. Be sure to let us know what your solutions are/have been. We’d love to hear.


Suggestions for a Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Those who have struggled with piles for a while are usually open to any suggestions at that point.  The reason for that is that hemorrhoids are so incredibly uncomfortable. Those who have just started their struggle with piles are indeed less likely to entertain suggestions for a home remedy for hemorrhoids. Part of the main reason for this is that people are uncomfortable talking about this embarrassing predicament. Part of the reason is that people are often closed minded and need to be humbled by pain for a while before they will allow anything to be suggested to them.

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

For those who are willing to entertain some suggestions for a home remedy for hemorrhoids, there are a few things that have been known to shrink hemorrhoids that you could try.  First, one thing that can reduce inflammation is white oak bark. it has been known to soothe inflammation and sometimes even shrink piles – especially if mixed with other natural herbs that are effective at eliminating inflammation as well. For instance, witch hazel and stone root can aid with that also. Indeed, any home remedy for hemorrhoids that has each of these natural healing herbs will be most likely to both shrink piles and sooth inflammation.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Lastly, remember that the problem lies within and stems from a variety of causes. Poor diet, lack of excercize, poor posture, straining while on the toilet, lack of nutrition and many other things can lead to developing piles. Those who are proactive about finding a natural, internal solution and home remedy for hemorrhoids are those who will be most likely to recover the best.

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