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The Truth About Kegels and Hemorrhoids

Many people feel unable to do anything about their hemorrhoids. They’ve tried everything and everything seems to help, but not completely correct the problem. When that happens, it’s safe to say that you haven’t tried everything just yet.

One of the well-known, main issues with developing hemorrhoids is a lack of exercise. Starting to walk several times a week will help; however, it will not be everything you need pertaining to exercise. The real exercise that’s needed when you’re dealing with hemorrhoids is that of kegel exercises.

This is incredibly puzzling to many. After all, kegels? For hemorrhoids? It’s true. Believe it or not, the kegel muscle is what actually the muscle that is used in elimination. It is, indeed, the most basic and natural hemorrhoid treatment that has been used for years. It’s the exercise of the kegel muscle that will increase circulation in the anal area and help to improve, strengthen and even prevent piles from occuring in the future.

I Thought Kegels Were Just for Pregnancy and Sex?

While doing kegel exercises for women will help greatly with the effects of pregnancy, birthing and sex, they will also help to heal bleeding hemorrhoids, too. The kegel muscle works for the urine tract, the vagina and the rectum – it affects all three. So naturally, exercising it will improve all three. While most discussion on the subject is centered toward pregnancy and sex for women, it is less known but still very much the case to use these exercises to help obtain hemorrhoid relief.

Do Men Have Kegel Muscles?

Yes – this muscle is not just conducive to women. It works the urinary tract as well as the rectum for men, too. Men can and should do kegel exercises for many of the same reasons what women should. For instance, helping them with urinary continence, helping them to achieve sexual satisfaction and of course, helping to get rid of hemorrhoids.

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